A darkly funy and sometimes heartbreaking comedy shot entirely on a modified IPhone5, Tangerine was a highlight of the 2016 Berlin Porn Film Festival.

ALFilm 2016

ALFilm is a festival based in Berlin which collects cinema produced by or connected with filmmakers from Arabic countries now in its 7th year.

Diamonds in the Dirt

Romantic comedies usually rank among my least favorite films, but sometimes I'm forced to think again. Here I recommend three unconventional romantic comedies that I really enjoyed.

Natural Twenty

My first film - Three people, already hours into a table-top role-playing game, finally encounter the dungeon boss, but their clashing personalities soon create more drama than the battle itself.

The Undervalued Art of Pornography

The recent extra-judicial actions by UK censor ATVOD against producer Pandora Blake have highlighted the fact that in the right hands, pornography is both important and political.

Song of the Sea

Despite featuring some extremely fine artwork and stunning animation, Song of the Sea doesn't live up to the tide of hype which surrounds it.

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night

A respectable if incoherent vampire film which has suffered from being over-hyped, A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night offers more than just style over substance.